Not Cool: 3 Health Problems You May Get When Your AC’s Broken

woman getting the air conditioner's filterGood, well-functioning air conditioners are lifesavers – they keep the homes comfortable, put you to a sounder sleep, and keep you productive at work. The opposite happens though when ACs are in not so in tip-top shape – it’s uneasily cold in your room, air pollutants enter your home, and it’s annoyingly difficult to focus at work.

But what’s worse is that broken ACs can take a toll on your health. Your AC might just be causing these health problems.

Respiratory Problems

Filters on your ACs need cleaning thoroughly and regularly. Otherwise, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This is the most common places where black mold grows, as these areas are damp.

This affects the air quality in your home, making you more susceptible to problems such as coughing, wheezing, pneumonia, etc. Don’t let filters be breeding grounds for fungi. Clean and change it regularly. Check for other sources of mold as well.

Black mold is a serious problem in states like Utah, despite the dry climate. When worse comes to worst, consider emergency AC repair West Valley specialists such as Desert Star Heating and Air to look at your system.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Have you ever experienced a runny nose after spending the whole day at an air-conditioned office? These flu-like symptoms are the body’s natural response to the cool temperature, just like when you go outside on a winter night.

But additionally, the air blown by central ACs is very dry because they don’t have humidifiers. This then makes your nose and eyes become very sensitive. Poorly maintained air filters can contribute to this problem also.

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When you contain small particles like pollen and dust mites in filters, it becomes airborne as you turn on the AC, causing nasal irritation.

Dry Skin

The longer you stay in cooler environments, the more you become prone to having dry skin. Cool, dry air causes the skin to lose its moisture. You will then notice your lips cracking or your hair losing its shine.

While this appears a natural effect in air-conditioned rooms, there are instances when thermostat problems can make the room uneasily cold. For such a problem, it’s best to call a technician.

Poorly maintained ACs could contribute to poor health. Make sure yours is in tiptop shape to avoid health problems.