Want a Car That Can Hit 200,000 Miles? Follow These Tips

Man Washing A CarThe average car takes about 15 years to reach the 200,000-mile mark. However, buying a car and maintaining it to serve you efficiently for a long time are two different things. Let’s explore what you can do to help your car hit the six-figure mile with ease.

Keep your car clean.

First and foremost, maintaining your car to keep its performance in tip-top condition will help you out in the long term. Carports keep vehicles safe from outdoor elements. Just Patios, a top supplier of carports in Brisbane, also notes that washing and waxing your car prevents rust and keep the paint intact while vacuuming removes sand and dirt. After all, you don’t want your car just to run well. You also want to look good and presentable.

Invest in a reliable model.

Reliability and durability are two important factors to consider when buying a car — new or used. You can reduce the need for repairs and maintenance costs if you choose a reliable model.

In addition to a reliable one, you need a car that matches your needs and preferences, so you can develop a happy relationship between you and your car. Common features to consider include:

– Electronic stability control

– Rear camera

– Forward collision warning

– Lane departure warning

– Blind spot warning

Once you find a vehicle that matches your preferences, you should take it for further checking by an independent mechanic.

Follow the manual.

Follow the maintenance guide according to the manufacturer. It spells out when to do the following:

– Oil and filter changes

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– Tire rotation

– Belt replacement

If you are buying a pre-owned car, you should invite a professional mechanic to correct any problem. Then stick to the manufacturer’s guide. Even if the vehicle does not reach 200,000 miles, it can serve you longer. If you, as much as possible, stick to what the manufacturer outlines in the manual, you’ll have a car that serves you well and for a long time.