Your Garden in Good Hands: Caring for Your Trees like a Pro

Gardening in Australia Your garden trees, like any other plants, need special care to grow healthy. This is especially true in young trees planted within the past three years. If you fail to give your trees enough care, they might not reach their potential size and become vulnerable to disease and pest.

Here are some tree care pointers:


As the professionals of highlight, proper and sufficient watering plays a key role in the growth and development of your trees. Water newly planted trees immediately. During their first two years, they can be susceptible to heat and drought, so it is important to keep them hydrated. This also helps promote root establishment. Never overwater your trees. Do it to keep the soil moist, but not drenched and soggy.


Other than retaining moisture in the soil, mulching helps control weeds. Mulch can also give added protection against heat and cold temperatures. Some of the most common mulch materials you can use are shredded bark, leaf compost, and wood chips. Make sure the mulch does not touch the base of the trunk to prevent disease and rot.


Pruning is also important for a tree’s overall health. Remove branches that are dead and broken, as well as those that touch the branches of another tree. Prune to improve your tree’s structure and shape. Specialists in tree lopping in Perth suggest using clean saws, loppers, and shears to prevent disease.


Fruit-bearing trees such as citrus trees may need fertilisers to produce more fruits. Fertilisers are also necessary for trees planted in a shaded location, or where the soil that does not contain much organic matter. Apply fertiliser according to the instructions specified in the pack. Never over-fertilise, as this can poison the root system.

With proper care and maintenance, your trees can grow bigger and healthier. If you water, mulch, prune, and fertilise them as needed, you can expect lush foliage, beautiful flowers, and delicious fruits right in your own yard. When caring for bigger trees, seek professional help. Arborists can provide you with the right solutions for your trees.