Bare is Beautiful: Skincare is the New Makeup

Woman Putting Moistureizer On Her FaceIf the recent no-make makeup obsession is any indication, bare and clear faces have become downright trendy.

As with fashion, the beauty landscape continuously evolves. Consumers are now prioritizing skincare over makeup. This is partly due to the growing skepticism among millennial consumers, marked by a shift in attitude that leans towards personal health and well-being.

While conventional makeup is still popular as ever, consumers are also embracing masks, peels, natural essences, and skin-nourishing diets – a clear indication that the new “market of prevention” has put down roots. These trends have become evident across the world.

In Rockwall, Texas, for example, spas are seeing an influx of customers getting regular facials and advanced treatments, such as hydradermabrasion and chemical peels, to get a flawless visage. A visit to the spa has also become a way to get expert advice on the right routine for specific skin types.

Beauty Fixes for People On-the-Go

Pesky blemishes, acne scars, and uneven skin tone are inevitable. Over the years, a dizzying list of products has surfaced to cover up these undesirable marks. Many spend hours in front of the vanity, applying layers of moisturizer, concealer, and foundation to achieve a refined look.

But today’s busy, always on-the-go lifestyle calls for a simpler makeup routine. Perhaps, this explains why all-in-one formulations like BB and CC creams, tinted moisturizers, and moisturizing lipsticks have become beauty staples in both Eastern and Western markets.

Long-term Solutions over Quick Fixes

People are now choosing comprehensive skincare routines to find a permanent solution to blemishes and skin issues. For example, to prevent acne, people choose to use all-natural facial masks coupled with healthy lifestyle habits, as opposed to chemical-laden products.

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Increasing knowledge on the adverse effects of chemicals has enhanced the appeal of natural and botanical ingredients. It’s now normal to use a combination of natural serums and homemade facial scrubs with commercially-made products. Skin health and safety has become equally important as efficacy, as the 2016 Beauty Survey by Euromonitor International revealed.

Sure, you could hone your foundation application skills and learn to cover up with concealer on the sly. Applied properly, the right makeup can really transform your face, highlight your features, and boost your confidence, but makeup is not the only answer to looking your best. In the long run, it’s more beneficial to go straight to effective, if not science-backed, skincare.