Common Residential Pests and the Health Problems They Cause

Pest Control PersonnelEveryone strives to maintain a clean household. Even the most beautiful homes, however, have a few pests once in a while. While most of these pests are only a nuisance, others have an adverse impact on the health of the home’s occupants.
Some websites and friends might recommend various home remedies to help you get rid of household pests in Edmond, Oklahoma, but many of these are ineffective. The ideal solution is to hire residential pest control experts to handle the problem. Here are some of the most harmful pests to pet and human health:


These residential pests are carriers of some of the most dangerous diseases worldwide. They have a potential of contaminating water and food supplies, as their powerful teeth enable them to chew any material. The urine and feces from rats harbor bacteria that can cause Leptospirosis. This is a debilitating condition, which leads to heart, kidney, and liver problems.


These pests live in sewers and come into homes to look for warmth and food. As they move around your cupboards and kitchen counters, cockroaches leave parasites and bacteria, which have different effects on human health. The most significant impact is the danger which roach skin, droppings, and urine pose to asthmatics since their floating dust can trigger a severe reaction.


These pests are currently among the most common. They are generally the hardest ones to get rid of. Other than the itchy welts left behind by their bite, bedbugs can lead to psychological issues. This is because of the sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety caused by sharing a bed and home with bedbugs.

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Various chemical and non-chemical treatments will effectively rid your property of the above pests. Regardless of the method your exterminator uses, you can have a better chance of ensuring a pest-free home. The current extermination methods used are also safe for your household.