Invest Your Extra Christmas Cash in Three Ways

Scattered coinsIf you have some money especially after the Christmas Season, you should consider investing it in a venture that drives your passion but at the same time contributed to your financial stability. Some people choose to invest in real estate and choose properties based on reviews from South Property Sale‘s housing programs, such as those in Lancaster, New City, Cavite.

But there are many other ventures you could choose to pursue your investment dreams.

Financial Investments

A lot of insurance companies are offering variable life insurance or VUL, which is both an investment and insurance combined. A VUL provides additional protection to the insured and can be paid in five years or even when you reach age 70.

Some clients prefer to put their money in mutual funds. One of the main differences in VULs and mutual funds is that the former is non-taxable but the latter is not.

Real Estate

Some people choose to buy real estate properties as a way to earn money either from commercial ventures or to buy freehold properties for leasing. These days, leasing your property is a lucrative venture because of the rising tourism industry.

In AirBnB, you can rent a three-bedroom furnished home in the same area is rented out for ₱1080 per night. In, the average rent for a house in Cavite is around ₱10,500 per month.

With such rates, it is no wonder a lot of homeowners are making a profit in renting out their homes. Profits can range from ₱18,000 (a net of monthly amortization at 100 percent occupancy rate) to even ₱86,000 (a net of monthly amortization and at 50 percent occupancy rate) annually.

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Crafting Business

If you enjoy creating something with your hands, you can invest in your skills and hobby and start a business. Many artists sell their creation in These crafty artisans could sell their pieces for as much as 10 to 20 USD.

If you want to consider your next move when it comes to securing your future, these are the best ways to make a viable investment that won’t hurt your wallet and ensure good returns.