Love Yourself: 3 Ideas for a Self-Care-Inspired Bedroom Design

Bedroom DesignIn the recent years, mental health has been at the centre of public conversations. This has made ‘self-care’, the idea of investing in one’s personal happiness and wellness, a personal priority. Interestingly, self-care has also influenced interior design. Houses now have spaces dedicated for reflection, including reading nooks, craft corners, and indoor Zen ponds. Bathrooms are becoming more like a spa, and kitchens now have living walls.

But the part of the house that should be most self-care-inspired is the bedroom. It is where you are most personal and intimate after all, so it is indeed fitting that it is designed towards your happiness and wellness. Take inspiration from these tips in turning your bedroom space into a self-care sanctuary:

Set the perfect mood

You want the bedroom to be a mood-booster that when you come to it after a long day, you would feel relaxed or when you wake up in the morning, you would feel refreshed. There are two ways you can set the perfect mood in the bedroom: colours and lighting.

Science says that colours influence what people feel. For instance, cool colours, such as green and blue, produce a calming effect. Consider having such a colour scheme in your space. For lighting, use dimmers and mood lighting to create the vibe you want. Of course, natural light should also be part of the room’s aesthetics, so open up those windows and let the light in.

Keep surfaces neat

Clutter distracts the mind and affects moods. Think about it: Before you even start your day, it is already ruined because of a stud earring or a necklace you cannot find because of the mess in your space.

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Try to keep each corner clean. Buy high quality, smart storage for your stuff. Simply Chaise recommends considering some bedroom furniture online for your dresser, nightstand, and makeup vanities and tables. You can also buy seating furniture that serves as storage, like ottoman and chaise lounge, as well.

Invest in a high-quality bed

You are spending most of your bedroom time in bed, so it makes sense to have a comfortable one. There are no rules to know which mattress is the most comfortable because it is a matter of personal preference. You can try different mattresses to know which fits you and then add in the pillows, blankets, and duvets you are most comfortable in. For headboards and bed frames, you may want to check out some bedroom furniture online for a less stressful shopping experience.

Does your bedroom allow you to indulge in self-care? Keep in mind these tips as you revamp your space.