4 Home Improvement Resolutions for the New Year

home interior design trends2015 is here, and many are raring to get started on their resolutions for the New Year. Some vow to save more money or lose weight, while others want to spend their time pursuing more creative or adventurous endeavors. If you can make a list for yourself, why not set goals for your house as well?

Here are some items you might want to include in your New Year’s resolution for your home:

Clear out the clutter

If you wanted to do spring-cleaning, but never really had the chance to get around to it, now is the best time. Throw out the things you no longer use and clear out the clutter. Going over your old stuff is the best way to look back at the year that was and get rid of things you don’t need. You may also rearrange your furniture or buy new ones for your home.

Make your home suitable for a healthy lifestyle

The Christmas holiday is a time for festivities, and with it comes endless eating and drinking. Start the year right by shedding a few pounds. It helps to have the facilities like a home gym to help you on the road to fitness. Having a pool also helps you live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Best Pools, Inc. says that you can swim at your own time, and without having to pay for exorbitant club fees.

Go for a different color theme

A new coat of paint on your walls can also create a feeling of freshness. Choose warm colors to add vibrancy and energy to your house. You can also look for the top color themes this 2015 to keep up with trends.

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Add more living spaces

If you feel your home could use more space, conservatories and garage makeovers are popular options. You can use the new rooms to add more value to your home and improve your living standards. For instance, you can transform your old garage to a family game room or the conservatory as your home office.

This year promises great changes, especially when it comes to home improvement. Start 2015 on a high note and tick these things off your resolution list early on.