4 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen More Practical

small kitchen under renovationEvery home deserves a picture-perfect kitchen. Unfortunately, getting such a kitchen isn’t always possible, especially if your home is small. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your kitchen more practical, no matter how small it is. All it takes is a creative kitchen remodel by a competent interior design company in Utah. Accent Interiors shares a few ideas you may want to try.

Increase Cabinet Height

One of the biggest challenges with small kitchens is finding enough storage space. You can’t have a messy kitchen with utensils and food all over the place. A creative solution is taking advantage of the vertical space you have and increasing the height of your wall-mounted cabinets.

Opt for Dual-Purpose Surfaces

If you can extend the kitchen space into the dining area, then you can consider installing floor cabinets for added space. All you need to do is pick countertops that perfectly complement the ones you have in your kitchen. The entire appearance of the space reinforces the idea that both the kitchen and the dining area are integrated.

Use Alcoves

To avoid increasing footprint in your limited floor space, why not make use of alcoves? These spaces allow you to install extra storage cabinets while still conserving your floor space. If you have an open floor plan, look around to see whether space may be found to incorporate a pantry.

Make the Space Look Bigger

Sometimes, it’s not possible to find more space in a small kitchen. However, you can still make space look bigger than it is. Try painting the space using light colors to create the illusion of bigger space. Make sure the room is also brightly lit.

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The modern kitchen is the heart of every home. By planning it carefully, you can make it more attractive and practical for your needs, even if you don’t have too much space.