5 Bathroom Remodeling DON’Ts

Remodeling the bathroomBesides increasing a home’s value, a bathroom update also gives the house a functional upgrade and a visual refresh. Still, to reap the full benefits of your toilet and shower remodel project in Bountiful, you must know the pros and cons of the project. Beware of the following bathroom remodeling DON’Ts:

Don’t skip the design plan

Who will be predominantly using the upgraded bathroom? The users should then determine the new bathroom’s layout and functionality. A double sink, a customized step stool, and no-slip flooring are ideal additions to a bathroom for children.

Your guests would appreciate extra shelving in the guest bath. You can make the master en suite your oyster with your upgrade.

Don’t interfere with major plumbing and ventilation

The plumbing and ventilation are crucial functional features of any bathroom. Moving these elements can end up being a costly mistake. Rather than relocating the plumbing, try to base all repairs and upgrades around the existing pipes. Also, don’t block the room’s primary ventilation source.

Don’t over-focus on tiling

Homeowners often get overzealous with bathroom tiling. The aftermath is obnoxious tiling that attracts undue attention. Avoid making this common mistake and keep your bathroom simple.

Don’t neglect storage

From to toiletries to towels, you need a lot of stuff in the bathroom. You should therefore not forget about maximizing the storage capabilities of your new bathroom.

Adequate storage will save you the trouble of having to run from the shower to get essential items. Consider installing a closet inside the room and built-in wall shelves.

Don’t skimp on professional labor

You should never try DIY if you don’t have the skills to complete the renovation project successfully. Attempt the remodeling job only if you are sure about your flooring, plumbing, and general contracting experience.

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Your shower remodel project in Bountiful may seem like a simple job. In reality, however, the task is complicated, and it requires adequate planning and professional handling. Avoid the common renovation mistakes to save money and enhance the style, efficiency, and comfort of the finished project.