Advantages of Getting a Walk-In Tub

senior taking a bathWalk-in tubs are designed for disabled people and have several features that promote safety and independence when bathing. They have many advantages over traditional flat access showers and are the preferred choice for many consumers.

When disability and aging happen, maintaining independence becomes a priority. Getting mobility aids can help people continue to live in their own home, often without support.

The bathroom is perhaps the most dangerous room in the house, due to its hard surfaces and wet floors. More accidents happen here than in any other room or area. Handicap tubs from reliable suppliers, including Heavenly Walk In Tubs, can prevent falls and keep seniors or disabled individuals safe.

What is a walk-in tub?

A handicapped tub is a bathtub designed for ease of access. It can be used by people with disabilities or the elderly. Tubs are designed with side opening doors so that the user can get into the tub without stepping over the side. Some models have drop-down flaps so that wheelchair users can transfer from their chair to the bath easily. Also known as walk-in tubs, these are considered safer than showers.

No Need to Remodel the House

A walk-in tub doesn’t require any expensive home alterations. It doesn’t need to be plumbed in. Some models of tub are compact and suitable for people with smaller homes.

It Takes Up Less Space Than a Wet Room

A walk-in tub takes up less room than a flat access shower. It can also be portable and moved to any room with a faucet.

It Has an Integral Non-Slip Floor

Walk-in tubs have non-slip coating, and the water completely drains before the person gets off the tub, making the bathroom safer for your loved one.

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Luxury Features

Some models have a spa mode, so the user can enjoy warm, bubbling water. This function is good for people who have backache or joint pain.

Handicap tubs make bathing easier for people with mobility problems. If you have an aging parent or a disabled family member, this type of bathtub could be a good addition to your home.