Blinds Leading the Way

Windows are one of the focal points of any house from the outside as well as inside, so you want it to be as attractive as possible. Using cloth curtains are the traditional way to dress a window, and they are still good options.

There are alternatives to cloth curtains, however, that are just as attractive and usually more practical in many ways, and these are blinds and shades. Choosing the right ones can be hard, though, because there are so many options available.

The Blinds Gallery names a few things to think about when shopping for window treatments.


Window dressing is a way to control the amount of light that comes in and how much privacy you want. Blinds are versatile in this aspect because you can open them a little or a lot. You can even open them upwards or side to side; it depends on the type of blinds you have.

Shades are more like curtains in that respect, because you are dealing with a solid piece of material rather than slats. On the other hand, if you want your room to look “cosy,” shades and curtains do that better than blinds.

Overall, however, blinds give you more control.


The price you pay for window dressing will depend on the material you choose. Blinds again are more versatile than any other kind of window dressing, because it can consist of cloth, plastic, or wood. There are cheap blinds and expensive blinds available in Perth, but they generally cost less than other types of window treatments.

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Curtains come in a huge variety of textures and designs and they rival blinds in this facet. However, cloth curtains need regular washing, and that can cause the design and colour to fade. For easy maintenance and durability of design, blinds again lead the pack.

Blinds are a good choice in window treatments for these reasons, but you can always mix and match them with other types. This will give your home more character and interest.