Bring Your Child’s Bedroom Back to Life With These Cool and Vibrant Ideas

Boring Child's BedroomChildren are known for their high energies, and there’s no better complement for their playful personality than bringing vibrant colours to their bedroom.

But, changing the theme of your child’s little haven not only helps match their active behaviour. In fact, studies show that choosing the right colour for your child’s bedroom plays a role in improving their sleeping habits—and as parents, that’s very important for children who spend most of their time in school.

Bearing that in mind, here are a few simple tweaks you can do to play with colours and help your child achieve the quality of sleep he deserves.

Choose Soothing Wall Colours

Light, soothing colours like lavender gives your child’s room an ease-into-sleep feel. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a room that beams in brightness, right? Give your child that cooling advantage by asking your trusted painters Perth residents recommend to do the job for you.

Play With Curtains

Just like any window at home, your child’s windows need curtains that block the sun’s harmful rays. But, avoiding heavy colours such as grey or brown can keep their rooms cool. Make sure that the curtains you use are very light and matches the theme you chose for your child.

Put Up a Frame to Add Detail

Every child is a fan of anything, may it be comics, Barbie, or music. With this, you can put up a framed poster of your child’s favorite art and wait until they come and kiss you for doing it.

Stick Glow-in-the-dark on the Ceiling

Your child loves to wander, and seeing luminous stickers above them before they go to bed can actually allow them to sleep soundly. There are glow-in-the-dark stickers available in the market comes in different shapes like stars, hearts and circles. This helps brighten up the dark room at night.

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Just like you, your child needs the extra coolness and comfort every time they’re home. Although it takes time, effort and budget to make this makeover, there are other alternatives to still give them what they need.