Choosing Timber for Your Interior Doors

An Interior DoorWhen building or renovating your house, one of the best options for interior doors is solid timber. Timber is a natural material which adds warmth and beauty to the interior of any home. It also has excellent insulating properties against loss of heat and is durable. Here are a few types of timber interior doors you should consider.

Flush Doors

These doors are completely flat on both sides and made of timber covered with plywood. They are one of the most popular types of doors in contemporary and modern properties. Their clean and flat design complements a minimalist look. The doors allow for changes in size and can be added to or reduced in size. They come in a hollow format that is light in weight, or in a solid form made of sound-proof wood for homeowners who want privacy.

Panelled Doors

These doors can be pided into any number of different patterned panels set from the door’s face. These are made from wooden sheets set in timber frames. Sometimes they are made by setting hardboard sheets onto the frame of the door. You can get them in various styles and colours to fit your needs. You can also fix glass panels on these doors.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are ideal in areas with wide openings like closets or master bedrooms. They typically slide from left to right. Timber sliding doors often have expansive glass panels for uninterrupted views of the outside. You can opt to double or triple glaze your door for extra insulation against freezing winters, though this will make them heavier.

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You can either paint or stain your interior timber doors for the final touches. Wood stains give a warm look and add a traditional feel to your house interiors. A simple paint job adds charm to your interior doors. You should check with the door manufacturer on the best finish for your specific door design.