Controlling Termites Before They Destroy Your Home

Exterminator smiling and ready to workTermites work hard. One minute they’re not a problem, and the next they’re already destroying your house from the inside. Before you even notice they’re there, they have already started hollowing your wood. If you don’t act fast, that structure could collapse at any time.

How do you know if there’s a termite infestation at home? Look for the following:

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes can appear anywhere. This is the channel through which termites transport their food. Smaller tubes are used by soldiers and work termites. If you start seeing bigger tubes of more than 50 millimeters in diameter, that means the infestation is already far along. You need to call an Indiana termite control service company like Yes Pest Pros, Inc. as soon as possible.


Termites burrow in wood and the easiest indicator of their presence is a pattern of holes on the surface of the wood. Note that termites do not burrow near the surface, so don’t be surprised if you don’t actually see them. They also work on their mud tubes at night, when there’s less chance of the tubes being ruined. When you’re dealing with termites, you’re dealing with a wise and organized pest species, and it pays for you to be wise, too. Be always on the lookout for holes to know where they are currently burrowing. This tells you which area of the house is the weakest due to termites.

Hollow Wood

Holes are pretty straightforward indicators of the presence of termites. However, in some cases you don’t notice the holes, especially if there is wallpaper in the way or other impediments. For walls and flooring, what you can do is listen to the sound of hollow wood. This indicates that termites have already gotten to them, and that you should work on eliminating the problem fast.

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Termites weaken the structure of your home. They work from the inside, making them a difficult pest to control. Act fast and prevent extensive damage.