Detecting Common Plumbing Problems Early

Plumbing ProblemsResidential and commercial establishments know the importance of well-maintained and properly working pipes. In almost all countries, plumbing systems are where water and gas are introduced into homes. However, like most utilities and fixtures, pipes also suffer from wear and tear and are also prone to damage. To avoid accidents and costly repair fees, it’s important to keep an eye out for these common plumbing problems.

Blocked Pipes

Most pipe blockages happen inside the bathroom or at the kitchen sink. This can be avoided by keeping the drains free of hair, shampoo, plastic, and other small items that should not be disposed of in the drain. Even large grains of coffee scrub and other beauty products can accumulate and cause pipes to block. More importantly, flushing tissue and feminine products like sanitary napkins and tampons down the toilet also cause damage. You can avoid blocked pipes by ensuring that no foreign objects are washed down the drain and make sure that you clean the drains periodically.

Corroded and Leaking Pipes

These two problems go hand in hand. Corroded pipes cause leaks and further problems you wouldn’t want to have. Corrosion can be caused by age and exposure to the elements as well as chemicals. You can prevent this from happening by checking your pipes periodically, especially if they are exposed to chemicals, heat, or treated soil. They can also be coated with a special substance to keep them from corroding. As a result, you prevent leaks and extend their lifetime.

Burst Pipes

Sometimes, even the most well-maintained pipes burst because of extreme water pressure. This can be prevented by not having the water pressure on high, especially when there’s no one using the water. For example, water pressure can be decreased during night-time and just adjusted during the day when the household uses the most water.

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The extra time and effort you take in maintaining your pipes will save you time and money later on for repairs and clean-up.