Embrace the Little Things: A Minimalist Guide to Dressing Small Windows

Window with Shutters and PlantWindows are more than just a way to enhance kerb appeal, or provide a sneak peek on what is inside. Every type has considerations that you need to think about, as it can help you make the most of its features. From corner windows to high windows, they all present some challenges.

If you have small windows in a large wall, it can be downright difficult to dress. As easy as it may seem, they are just like those awkward windows that are almost impossible to look good. Have no worry. Let this article help you beautify your small windows.

Place Potted Plants

Adding a touch of green or a vibrant colour into your home is a great idea. For a low-lit room, like bathrooms, place a pot of Aloe Vera, bamboo or Boston fern. You can also have some orchid or peace lily. Plants can brighten up a room, not to mention help freshen the air and boost your mood.

Install Shutters

For small windows, swapping valances for internal shutters can make the room feel more spacious. They are a classic option customised to fit any window type. In fact, you can use it alone or layer some curtains underneath it. Home design professionals, such as bhg.com and boardwalk.com.au, shares that shutters are affordable and stylish. They can provide a stylish look to any room, as shutters can match your existing décor or wall colours.

Place a Mirror

Don’t let your small windows be a problem or become a nightmare. Sure, they are a tricky one to work with, but you can come up with clever ideas to make your windows a decorative feature of your home. One effective way to do that is to place a huge mirror beside the small window. It can trick the eye to make a room wider and more appealing.

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Embrace the beauty of small windows. Depending on your decorating style, you can transform them into a stunning and dramatic feature of your home.