Fix Your Leaky Shower in Less than an Hour

ShowerDoes the constant dripping sound of a leaking shower stress you out? Each drop of water from your leaky shower is also costing you money—without knowing it, your water consumption charges will increase with this terrible leakage.

If you’re having these problems due to your shower and not from plumbing supply pipes or holes around tap stems, then the good news is you can fix this easily using basic tools you can find in your home! The solution simply includes coating the shower floor and one row of tiles using any masonry sealer or epoxy paint; these materials are widely available in hardware stores. Follow these four steps to seal your leaky showers and for a more peaceful mind:

1. Clean the surface of the shower floor to be coated with 4-5 parts water and 1 part muriatic acid stored in a plastic bucket. While cleaning, take off accessories such as rings and bracelets. You must wear rubber gloves and make sure to keep your doors and windows open.

2. Leave the cleaned floor for a few minutes to let the solution set in, then rinse all the acid away. Replace any missing grout.

3. Let the surface dry for a week. Do not use the shower around this period. You can speed up the drying process with a typical hair dryer or a fan.

4. After 1 week, apply 2 coats of a masonry sealer or a clear epoxy paint. You should read the instructions on the package to know the proper application process. Make sure to leave ample drying time between coats. Don’t apply the masonry sealer when the humidity is high.

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By following these simple pieces of advice, you can easily solve your water leak woes. Give these steps a fair go today (or the next time your tap leaks). Keep in mind, however, that this is not a catch-all solution for all your leaky shower problems. If you need additional help particular to your situation, contact the experts.