Here Are Features That Should Be on Your Security Door Checklist

Wooden front doorSecurity is a paramount concern for every residential and commercial property. Your front door is one of the most vulnerable areas used by burglars to gain entry into your property. Installing a security door is, therefore, the best way to secure your property.

The door, however, doesn’t have to be drab and negatively affect your property’s exterior. There are currently custom security doors in Melbourne made to match your specific needs. Just ask Kings Security Doors.

The style you select for your door should nevertheless not compromise your security. Here are the essential considerations that should influence your security door choice.


Security door frames comprise steel, iron or aluminium. Properly constructed and installed steel doors frames provide the highest security. Frames should have deep receiver channels so that edges cannot be easily pushed out of them.

The frames should additionally be at the door corners. Fully welded corner frame joints are the strongest.


The infill may be in the form of decorative motifs or bars made of different materials. Stainless steel, aluminium, and steel are the commonly used materials for security door infills. Experts consider steel the safest choice for infills while aluminium ones are typically no more than flyscreens.

Aluminium perforated sheets which are structural grade are the new market entrants. They are as reliable as stainless steel infills.


Your grilles’ cords should be adequately thick and properly fixed to your door’s frame. Most security doors have their grilles riveted to the door frame. Ensure you clinch the rivets to the back of your frame and are not more than 25cm apart. The rivets should also be well-aligned to connect to the grille fully.

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Your door’s key lock should be a five-pin cylinder or thereabouts. Wafer locks are vulnerable to break-ins. Some companies provide up to 25-year warranties for their key locks. The hinges should be not less than three with fixed hinge pins. Fixed pins rather than pressed ones offer extra protection.