Insulated Garage Doors Keep Your Bills Low

Two workers installing a garage doorAre you thinking of remodelling your home? If you are, consider upgrading your garage door with a well-insulated one. Doors with polystyrene- or polyurethane-based insulation, for instance, improves a garage door’s resilience, ability to regulate temperature and sound, energy efficiency, and appearance, notes the team from, a trusted name in garage door repairs and services.

Best of all, an insulated garage door can help reduce your monthly household and car maintenance expenses.

Save Energy and Money

A well-insulated garage promotes greater energy efficiency in the garage and the house. The insulation helps keep the garage from getting too cold. It also reduces the amount of heating your entire house needs.

The insulated conditions, in turn, result in a vestibule effect: the garage acts as a buffer zone between the cold temperature outdoors and warmth inside your house. This greatly reduces the amount of cold air that enters the house. Less cold air means less work for your heating systems, translating to lower heating bills.

The temperature can be advantageous for your house’s plumbing, as well. Water supply lines, which usually run through the garage, may freeze during winter season. Investing in an insulated garage door decreases the risk of frozen pipes. Moreover, it also keeps rust at bay.

Maintain Your Car’s Condition

A warmer garage ensures your car remains in good condition throughout winter. The colder weather can cause your car battery to die faster, for example. Take note that temperatures lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit cause car batteries to lose at least 30% of its power. With an insulated door, you can maintain the temperature inside the garage to almost 42 degrees.

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Drops in temperature affect other parts of your car, as well. The wiring or spark plugs may weaken, tires may lose air pressure faster, and the transmission, engine, and brake fluids become thicker if exposed extensively to cold weather.

A well-insulated garage door is a great way to cut down on your heating and car maintenance bills. Enlist the help of garage door experts to ensure the quality of your garage door.