Maintenance Ideas to Preserve Clay Tile Roofs and Avoid Huge Repair Costs

Roof Maintenance in PerthOne part of the house that requires immediate attention is the roof. Any roof-related problem is always a crucial home repair job that needs a prompt solution. Is there water leaking from the ceiling? Do you see tile fragments on the ground? For homes with clay roofing, here are guidelines to help you make the right decisions.

Repairing minor problems saves you money

Very strong winds can lift and blow away clay tiles. Though they seem heavy and stable, natural forces can have their way with fabricated materials. This can happen anywhere in Australia, and Perth residents should be prepared.

When the tiles are missing, there’s no protective layer to keep the elements, animals and insects from invading the underlayment and vent pipes. Don’t wait for the time when the pipes corrode and water seeps through interior structures. Deciding not to forgo a small clay roof repair is a smart decision; otherwise, you’ll have a bigger problem on your hands.

Regular maintenance of clay roof extends their life

Ask any roofing repair specialist in Perth and they will tell you clay roofing lasts for as long as a hundred years. That is a conservative estimate. However, no matter how tough a material, it will not last for long if you neglect it.

The roof structure will retain its integrity if the builders performed an excellent job. A periodic professional inspection is still necessary to make sure the internal and external structure is still in good shape. The inspection reveals potential areas of failure. As mentioned, you save money by dealing with small problems and preventing them from getting any bigger.

Clay tiles have historic value. They are distinctive and attractive. Although they’re guaranteed to last for 100 years or more, you still have to pay attention to the condition of the entire roof system. The supporting structures are particularly prone to damage due to the weight of the tiles. Don’t neglect the state of your roof. Determine its condition and deal with problems promptly.

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