How Often Should You Clean These Parts of Your Home?

home cleaningKeeping your entire house clean requires a tremendous amount of control and consistency. But, the areas of the house that see more action tend to need more cleaning than others. Let our house cleaning experts from Salt Lake City give you a handy cleaning guide.

  • Kitchen
    One of, if not the most, frequently occupied rooms in the house, the kitchen tends to be always full of hustle and bustle. Perhaps cleaning it on a daily basis is a good idea – you may also adopt the “clean as you go” policy, especially if you feel like you’ll be in the kitchen every day anyway.
  • Bedroom
    This should be kept clean as often as the kitchen, and with good reason: the bed is where people “live” and recharge for another day of work.
  • Bathroom
    They say that the true mark of a person’s cleanliness is the way his or her bathroom looks like. While the bathroom may not require daily maintenance, it pays to keep it clean, at least for the sake of those who regularly use it.
  • Living Room
    As this is the usual hangout of practically everyone in the house – visitors and family members alike – you should consider cleaning it often. Or at least make the setup a lot more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Windows
    A window is only really clean if it’s clear enough for you to fully see and appreciate the outside world.
  • Upholstery
    Upholstery should be cleaned every 6-12 months. While this is done for both hygienic purposes and aesthetics, the amount of time that passes between cleaning cycles actually depends on how dirty the articles are at a given point in time.
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Of course, there’s one way to completely eliminate the need to worry about scheduling when to clean which parts of your house. The solution? Just hire someone to do the house cleaning for you! Whether you live in the Salt Lake City area or much further away, there will always be a professional cleaning service within reach.