Pests Don’t Take Holidays: Why You Still Need Pest Control in Winter

Double Glazing for Winter with Snow and icicles plus beautiful Sunset reflection from adjacent hills with room for text abovePeople have this common misconception that bugs die during winter. While it is true that some insects perish more easily due to the cold weather, there are species which are resourceful and resilient enough to withstand low temperatures.

So, if you’ve always assumed that winter would naturally kill the pests in your home, you might be wrong. These reasons should convince you to call an exterminator in Manchester, NH this winter before pests do further damage to your house.

Some Bugs Become Active during Winter

The American cockroach is one example of a pest that becomes livelier in the early winter months. When mid-winter comes, they start looking for a warm place to stay until springtime. Areas in your house, such as your attic and basement, are prime real estate spots for these roaches as they can easily access these locations. If you don’t want to be the host for these intruders, you will need a pest control professional to perform attic and outdoor perimeter pesticide treatment.

Winter Has Zero Effect on Some Pests

Bed bugsSeveral ant species are unaffected by winter’s harsh temperatures. During this season, they continue to forage for water and food. Some ants that live within your walls may be resilient to external temperatures. It’s best to have an exterminator take care of them right away so they wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of your home further.

Insects Hide in Your Home during the Cold Season

Many other pests, such as rodents, earwigs, and spiders, try to escape the cold by hiding in your house. While they will not likely bother you until spring, they will eventually find their way into your living spaces as soon as the weather warms. Hiring a pest control professional for preventive treatment can repel pests and make sure they stay away from your home.

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Winter alone won’t kill the pests on your property. They will either become active during this season, continue with their existence as if nothing has changed, or hide in your home until spring. If pests don’t take holiday breaks, neither should you – at least, when it comes to pest control treatments. Make sure that your property stays protected and pest-free year round.