Prevent Unwanted House Guests with Rodent Control

Pest Control PersonnelAny infestation in a house can be unpleasant and unsanitary for all its residents. If residents or business owners notice any tell-tale signs of a rodent problem, they should consult rodent control experts for their homes in Boca Raton, Florida so they can remove them permanently.

Mice and rats are attracted to human dwellings because it provides them shelter, materials for nesting, and food. Diligent householders may still find that their property is infested. Many homeowners in the United States are surprised to find rat infestations are on the rise in the country. They have risen by 174% in San Francisco, 129% in NYC, 67% in Boston, 61% in Chicago and 57% in Washington, DC. Rat populations are also exploding in Southern Florida, attracted by the warm temperatures. Roof rats, Norway rats and the common mice are the most usual varieties.

Signs of an Infestation

1. Dark, moist droppings in cupboards, drawers, under sinks or near food items.

2. Gnaw Marks on food packets, wooden door frames or other structures in the building. The larger the marks, the more likely they have been made by rats.

3. Paw prints or urine marks may also be noticed. Flour can be used to confirm paw prints. Just sprinkle it on the floor and see if marks are found.

4. Shredded items, such as plants, magazines or clothing. Rats use them to make a nest.

5. Scratching noises and shredded attic insulation.

Rat-Proof the Property

After calling rodent control in Boca Raton, Florida, you should ask them for advice to prevent a re-infestation. Homeowners should also keep garbage cans away from the house and empty them regularly. Look for rat holes around sheds and close them up to prevent infestation of out-buildings. Check the compost bins and decking for any signs of damage.

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There are many ways homeowners can prevent an infestation from happening. If you find that your home has unwanted pests, it’s best to call pest control experts that can help you remove them permanently.