Protecting Your Premises: 5 Security Measure Homeowners Should Follow

CCTV CameraHow do you keep your home safe? Besides burglars, dangers at home could also include accidents from falls or injuries from broken furniture. According to Professor Rudolph Zinn of the University of South Africa, there are certain signs burglars look for that tell them if a house isn’t protected enough.

This includes bushes where they could hide or windows that they could break into. Here are security measures you need to deter burglars from entering your property.

Covers for Window Wells

Liberty Home Products, a supplier of customizable window well covers in Denver, explains that windows wells are spaces around windows of basement rooms that allow light to enter this slightly-underground part of the house.

Without covers, burglars could easily enter window wells and break into the basement windows. Steel covers should prevent this.

Automatic Light Timers

An automatic light timer is a mechanism that enables your interior lighting to turn on and off at certain hours. This makes it look like someone is in the house, even though you’re on vacation.


It also helps to invest in safes because these tools can lock away your small valuables such as phones, wallets, and jewelry. These can’t be easily opened and can be designed to look inconspicuous.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras around the house could also deter burglars because they would think that someone monitors the house all the time. You could also trick them by installing fake cameras if you can’t afford real ones yet.

Trimmed Shrubs and Trees

Lastly, overgrown shrubs and foliage of trees should get pruned, because burglars often hide in overgrown ones. Once the foliage and the shrubs are trimmed, there would be no hiding spots for intruders.

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Homeowners should be wise when it comes to protecting their premises. Doing so involves security measures like using steel covers for window wells, installing security cameras, and using safes. This way, your house would stay safe from any thieves, whether you’re at home or not.