Spending More on Electricity during Summers in Texas? These May Be the Cause

An electrical billSummers in Dallas, Texas, can be excruciating. Not only are they hot, but they are also incredibly humid. It is, therefore, not surprising for both residents and businesses to blast their air-conditioning units. Besides ACs, though, people should consider putting up window film in Dallas.

The Relationship between Heat and High Utility Costs

Living and doing business in Texas does have certain advantages. One of these is the low electric bill. According to the 2017 data of Global Energy Institute, the Lone Star State has an average electricity retail price of $8.55. Is it cheaper than that of New Mexico, with whom it shares a border. It also helps there are many companies providing power. The competition keeps the price stable and affordable.

But it’s also not uncommon for people to spend more during the summer. Many factors contribute to this. The first one is the increased demand.

During this time, more people are at home, which means more air-conditioning units could operate simultaneously. Moreover, these appliances could run longer than in any other season.

For those on a variable plan, the cost of electricity can vary at certain times of the day. It’s possible that residents and businesses are paying more for not taking advantage of the off-peak prices. It means they’re also using electricity at times when the demand is at its highest.

Another possible reason is the glass on windows. Glass allows heat to pass through the building, heating the space. The problem is it has low thermal conductivity. It cannot reflect this heat back outside. What then happens is it only traps heat inside, compelling the air-conditioning unit to work harder. The idea is similar to the greenhouse effect.

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Reducing electricity bills even during the summer is possible, but the first step is to identify the cause. If it’s the glass windows, for example, adding the film can help. It can block the harmful UV rays from coming in. At the same time, it controls the temperature from the heat of the sun.