The Current Top Tile Trends for Walk-In Showers

Nice bathroomWith changing bathroom trends and styles, remodels are a must for all homeowners. Walk-in showers are currently a popular choice. They are easy to clean and require the same space as standard tub or shower combinations.

They are hence a good option for your shower remodel in Layton. One of the important yet overwhelming decisions that will impact your remodeling project is your choice of tiles. Here are the current trends in shower tiles to help your bathroom stand out.

1. Matte Finish Tiles

Matte finish tiles are gradually edging out glossy tiles in walk-in showers. These tiles feature a soft and yet powerful style which is not too overwhelming.

Matte finish tiles do not show watermarks and smudges as easily as glossy finish tiles and have a low sheen which is easy to maintain. Since the tiles do not reflect light, however, ensure you have enough artificial and natural lighting.

2. Nude Neutrals

Nude neutrals such as creams, grey, and beige are the best colors for contemporary bathroom tiles. For homeowners looking to add some brightness, white is a perfect choice.

Neutral or nude colors create a relaxing and calm atmosphere, and you can use them on almost any surface — from your floor to the ceiling. Add different neutral color shades, shapes, finishes and textures to ensure the bathroom does not look lifeless.

3. Geometric Shapes

A particular geometric shape that has taken over bathroom tiles is the hexagon (or the honeycomb). There are however various geometric shapes which you can combine for a unique look.

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Geometric shapes combined with neutral colors in small walk-in showers create a dramatic illusion of space. You can also use the shapes to form an artful accent area in large showers.

You could add depth, surface interest and color to your shower walls and floor sing textured field tiles. The texture can appear pronounced or subtle depending on your material, finish, and color. 3D dimensional tiles are also a perfect choice with endless options to fit virtually every shower’s design.