Three Categories of Deep Foundations

waterproofing the foundation of the homeA home’s foundation is its most crucial part. There are two broad categories of foundations used for residential buildings: shallow and deep ones. Shallow foundations are used for the distribution of a building’s structural load, and their width is greater than their height.

Contractors such as Van Matre Construction, LLC use deep foundations for constructions in weak, compressible soil. They are typically at depths of more than three meters below the ground’s surface and are not affected by surface conditions. Here are some types of deep foundations that may be used for your home’s construction.

Basement Foundations

These are designed to provide additional space in your home below the ground. The structural design of basement foundations is primarily determined by their functional needs rather than the surrounding hydrostatic and soil pressures. They are built in open excavations.

Pile Foundations

The construction of pile foundations involves driving or drilling long slender tubes into the ground. These tubes are then filled with concrete using different methods. Pile foundations are used when constructional, economic, and soil conditions necessitate the transmission of structural loads. They can be used to resist overturning, lateral, and uplifting forces on a building’s foundation.

Hollow Box Foundations

These are also called buoyancy rafts. They are hollow substructures intended for the provision of a semi or fully buoyant base under which the soil’s net loading is decreased to a specific low intensity. Empty box foundations can be placed in open pits or sunk into the ground as caissons. The use of buoyancy rafts is restricted to construction on alluvial deposits, soft sand, and silts since they are costly.

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The soil in your area primarily determines the ideal choice for your home’s foundation. Your contractor will conduct various studies before deciding on the best deep foundation for your home. This way, you can have a reliable and robust foundation.