Types of Conduits for Central Air Conditioners

a man checking the air conditionerVarious elements work together to ensure indoor comfort when you install a central air conditioner. One of these elements is your ductwork. The ductwork refers to the channels that carry cooled or warmed air throughout your interiors.

You have different material options for your property’s ductwork. Regardless of your choice, having the ductwork installed by an air conditioning service in Gastonia is vital for its optimal performance. Here are the material options for your ductwork:

Sheet Metal Ductwork

This is a category of rigid air ducts constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel. Aluminum is the standard material used nowadays since it is easy to install and relatively light. Sheet metal ductwork may be spiral, round, or rectangular. It is the most durable ductwork type and has the least likelihood of mold growth since it is non-porous.

Fiberglass-lined Ductwork

This consists of sheet metal ductwork lined with internal or external fiberglass duct liners. The fiberglass lining insulates your air ducts to minimize heat loss or condensation and reduces the noise produced by most HVAC systems. The benefit of sound reduction makes this the best choice for offices and commercial establishments. However, bacteria and mold can contaminate fiberglass-lined ductwork.

Fiberboard Air Ductwork

This is made of compressed resin boards bonded with inorganic glass fibers. Fiberboard air ductwork has a foil outer surface that serves as a water vapor and air barrier. It is inexpensive and has excellent insulation properties without any additional treatment. Still, the surface of fiberboard air ductwork is rough, and this might affect its efficiency and airflow.

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Overall, most property owners do not give much thought to their building’s ducts. Even the best central air conditioning unit will not do much for your indoor comfort without proper ductwork. The given material options will give you the best ductwork to support your air conditioning unit.