Function First, then Aesthetics: Interior Door Selection

Colorful Front DoorsDoors can add the glam in glamorous when it comes to improving your home’s aesthetic appeal. But if your elaborate door is too narrow or opens the wrong way, some reconsideration might be necessary.

If you’ve been to a home with doors that were the wrong size or jumped their tracks, you can appreciate the importance of choosing the right door when planning a renovation or building your new home. While aesthetics matter, it shouldn’t be the only factor — function should always be first.

Size Matters

First question: how will your new top interior door fit your home? Should you go for the wider option or the taller ones?

Installing wider doors in the design of your home offers two advantages. First, the extra space makes it easier to move furniture in and out of the room. Taller doors are also ideal; standard doors measure 6 feet. 8-foot doors are expensive, but these allow more space.

Second, family members in wheelchairs or walkers need not worry about going through the door. The ideal door width for wheelchairs is 36 inches.

Swinging Doors: The Right Direction

If you’re planning to install swinging doors, think about the direction the doors will swing. For example, if your door swings inside the bathroom and barely misses the toilet, occupants must squeeze between the size of your toilet and the wall to properly close the door.

When including handicapped-accessible bathrooms in your house, the doors should always swing out. This way, if an occupant falls and needs help, the door doesn’t block the room’s only access.

Construction of the Interiors

The makeup of a door’s interior is just as important as the exterior’s impact. For example, while solid-core doors bear a similar appearance to their hollow-core counterparts, the former is more expensive, but reduces the noise transmission from one room to another.

If you can’t afford solid-core doors for all of your rooms, make a compromise. Use solid-core for bathrooms, bedrooms, and other mechanical rooms. Your closets, on the other hand, can benefit from hollow-core models.

The visual appeal of doors need not be the only factor to consider. Your doors should also work properly and fit your home’s design. Think about function first, then aesthetics.