Sprinkler Check: Signs it Needs Repair

a repair man checking the sprinklersYour neighbor’s greener grass only means two things: there is something wrong in the way you take care of your lawn, or your neighbor uses a secret recipe to make it greener. Before spying on your neighbor and his secret fertilizer, make sure you get a good inspection of your area.

Sometimes, the only reason for a not-so-green grass is your sprinklers. Is it time for Salt Lake City’s trusted home sprinkler repair agencies to help make the grass greener on your side? Below are some points that they need to check.

Dripping valves

The valves should be able to control irrigation in different parts of the lawn. A dripping valve would mostly indicate that there is something wrong with the whole system and you should immediately have it fixed.

Uneven watering

If one part of your lawn is healthy and green while the other is turning brown, then your sprinkler has a big problem. Also, take note of the difference in water pressure. It is also one of the most common signs that your sprinkler needs attention.

Increased water bills

Another telltale sign that your sprinkler needs repair is having huge water bills. If you are certain that there is no leak inside your home, then looking outside, particularly in your sprinklers can solve the problem.

New landscape

You can also install a new sprinkler, or repair an existing one even without the scenarios present. If changing your landscape is due, changing or checking your sprinklers for repair can also be done. This can ensure that your new lawn will be well-taken care for.

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Check your sprinklers from time to time. After all, it might be the only secret your neighbor has that you have, too. Help Mother Nature in keeping your own grass green and healthy.