Sprinkler Valves: Learn About the Various Kinds

a sprinkler in a green yardThe simple answer to a green garden and lawn all year round without wasting water is sprinklers. Investing in a sprinkler is good for the environment and saves you a substantial amount of money.

Getting a company that specializes in sprinkler installation services in Salt Lake City, such as Utah Sprinkler, is important for the efficient working of your valves. Apart from that, however, it’s also important to know some basics about sprinklers.

On that note, two main valves regulate a sprinkler's functioning — the shut-off and sprinkler valves. The shut-off valve regulates your sprinklers’ water supply, while the sprinkler valve regulates pressure. Here are a few of the common sprinkler valve types on the market.

1. Gate Valves

These are ideal for domestic sprinkler systems you only use occasionally. Attached to the main pipes, these valves deliver water under high pressure.

Gate valves are easy to turn off and on, and the pressure does not damage them easily. These valves, however, have a fitted brass seat, which might cause them to lose their secure seal prematurely.

2. Ball Sprinkler Valves

These are the ideal choice for frequently used sprinklers. Turning their lever quarter way opens the ball sprinkler valves. Turning a ball sprinkler valve too fast, though, might cause the water’s high pressure to damage your sprinklers and hence diligence is crucial.

The main advantage of these valves is their ability to maintain their sealing quality for an extended period.

3. Anti-Siphon Valves

The design of these valves averts backflow, thus protecting your water source from contamination. Anti-siphon valves shut off your water source as soon as the pressure is switched off.

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This prevents entry of debris into the sprinkler pipes. One of the most common causes of valve breakdown is clogs from debris. As such, backflow prevention is important in protecting your valves.

In-line valves regulate water flow in a sprinkler system but do not prevent backflow. Manufacturers designed them for underground installation to conceal the plumbing. Vacuum breakers and backflow prevention mechanisms protect in-line valves.