Trendy Office Designs for 2017

Trendy OfficeOffice design has come a long way. These days, form and function cannot be parted. They are the building blocks of modern interiors, which tries to harness maximum productivity among employees by encouraging creativity. The look and atmosphere  of an office interior have so much to say about the brand itself. That requires company owners to pay serious attention to their space now more than ever.

Office Design and Company Culture

Office interiors are used as a statement for the company’s culture. This is why many major companies, such as Google and Facebook, use  modern and chic office spaces that help the continuous flow of their employees’ creative juices.

Offices these days have play areas and meditation corners. Company owners believe that by allowing their employees to have fun at work, it would make them even more productive and dynamic.

Themed Office Areas are ‘In’

It is common for office spaces to follow a specific theme or motif that is beyond the norm. For example, Epic has a subway inspired office at its headquarters in Wisconsin. Themed office spaces are becoming the rage as decorators and suppliers are starting to feature various motifs and styles. You could even use aviator-inspired decor to industrial themed furniture. Buy online furniture sets to match your concept and vision.

Fun Offices are the Best

Apart from using of modernist and theme furniture pieces, rich texture, and vibrant colors, offices these days put an emphasis on ‘fun.’ Non-conventional office spaces with areas that encourage employees to have fun are becoming essential for work-life balance opportunities.

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Microsoft put up a large touch screen tablet table in their employees’ common area, while Infosys has a bowling alley in one of their headquarters. All of  these enhance office camaraderie and create an office culture that suits creative and analytic thinking.

Ideas to make the office fun, creative, and trendy are endless. You just have to explore what your company stands for and how you want to encourage your employees to work harder, but at the same time enjoy working for you.