3 Ways to Ensure Your Dog Enjoys His Day at the Park

a woman and her pet dogYour dog loves being taken outdoors. Whether you’re going out for a quick walk around the block or heading straight for the park, leisure time with your pet will answer both your needs.

Park Fun and its Hazards

For starters, it gives both of you a form of exercise. Then there’s the opportunity to socialize with other pet owners. The thing about going to parks, though, is that you tend to lose control of your dog.

At home, the aluminum fence panels around your garden and pool keep your rambunctious pet out of delicate areas. At the park, it’s wide open spaces that give your dog freedom to explore. Exploration can lead your dog to step into a hole, sharp objects, or anything that could hurt him.

You can’t keep your dog on a leash all the time. Instead, take a proactive approach to visit the park with pooch:

1. Choose a pet-friendly park

There are parks designed for different pets. Dog parks typically section off certain breeds from one another; some tend to be more aggressive than others. Make sure to choose a park wherein dogs play nice with each other.

Other than that, try a park that groups the same sizes; certain parks would separate smaller breeds from bigger ones.

2. Prepare your dog for the park

Before looking to other pets, focus on your dog. Every pet that goes to the park should know how to behave. If your dog’s too anxious, you may want to take him to a dog trainer. Your pet has to know how to socialize and learn basic commands so you’re able to manage his behavior.

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3. Make sure the park follows regulations

Finally, choose a dog park that follows regulations. Most park regulations require licensing and updated vaccinations for dogs. These documents ensure the safety of all pets who enjoy the park.