The Anatomy of Multi-Split and Ducted ACs Making Them Great

Air conditioneSelecting the proper equipment, especially regarding HVAC, is crucial to keeping your family comfortable for years to come and will help save you money on energy costs and repairs.

How Multi-Split and Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Work

Multi-split and ducted air conditioners provide both heating and cooling (reverse cycle units), but there are some models designed for cooling purposes only.

These units are powerful enough to heat or cool two to nine different areas or “zones.” Unlike central air conditioners, though, a multi-split AC gives you individual control of each room.

Most of these cooling units feature inverter technology, heat pumps, and sensors to efficiently heat or cool each zone.

The Multi-Split AC Advantage

Invest in a multi-split system if you want to heat or cool several areas but your home cannot accommodate a complete ducted air conditioning system.

Its “zoning” feature gives you not only the convenience of temperature control for each room, but also considerable savings, since you can turn off the cooling and heating in the rooms not in use.

While this type of air conditioner is costlier than window, wall, portable, and some central ACs, the convenience and energy savings it can deliver are worth the extra expense.

The Ducted AC Advantage

The highest-end in all air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioners offer the most comprehensive temperature control, comfort, and energy savings for homes big enough to accommodate ductwork. San Diego HVAC contractors often work on these for commercial spaces, but some homes are so large that it ductwork could be installed without hassle. With this kind of heating and cooling system in your home, you will enjoy utmost comfort all-year round.

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While the multi-split and ducted air conditioners have higher upfront costs, you should still take into consideration the benefits and advantages they have over the other more traditional AC types. To help you make the right decision and determine which air conditioning is best for your home, contact a reliable HVAC contractor in San Diego, CA.