Water Damage: What to Implement in 24 Hours

Flooded home interiorWater damage could come from many sources: groundwater, water system malfunction, and flooding. Once it happens, the first 24 hours following the occurrence are crucial to the effectiveness of the water damage restoration services you get in Utah. It all depends on how quick you contact them. Here are things to implement after any form of water disaster in Utah.

Avoid Further Damage

While doing this, take the necessary precautions. To lower the possibility of additional risks, turn off electrical and water sources within your home. Do whatever it takes to secure your home and protect your valuables from further damage.

Document the Damage

Before commencing the restoration process, take pictures and videos of the destruction to present as proof to your insurance company. Get details of the extent of structural damage to your home including wet baseboards and wallboards, carpeting, bedding, and rugs. Record as much evidence of it as you can.

Get in Touch with your Insurance Provider

As soon as water damage occurs, you should contact your insurance company. Let them know of any intended actions and also send the images of your home. This way, they will advise you on whether to wait for an inspection of the affected property or go ahead with repairs. Be certain to document conversations and written communication with the company.

Engage a Water Damage Restoration Company

After meeting the formalities required of you by the insurer, hire water damage restoration services to restore your home. They will use their expertise to remove the water and mitigate mold damage which develops 24 to 48 hours after flooding. They will also disinfect your home to make it safe for occupancy once more.
Water damage is dangerous and expensive. Knowing what actions to take once it happens will prevent additional damage. Implement these, and your home will be restored in no time.
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