Thrifting? Do These Before Anything Else

Magazines in a shopThrift shopping seems to be rising as a way to find unique pieces for a fraction of the original price. While there is something good about vintage finds, also something bad can come out of you rummaging through someone else’s furniture.

If you are buying items from a thrift store in Indianapolis or you are moving into a furnished house, you might want to check that each item there is in good condition.

Here are some tasks to add to your checklist.

Check for Bugs

A bed used for a while may be home to bed bugs. The bites may not hurt at first, but they may turn into painful welts. You will need bed bug control here in Indianapolis to keep these insects from spreading, and after that, you need to be more conscious of the replacement of bedsheets.


Garage sales may be the perfect place to look for reusable jars and containers, but before you use them at home, sterilize them. Do not assume that the previous owner thoroughly cleaned them; they probably were not.

To keep the family safe, especially if you are planning to use them to store food items, clean them thoroughly using a food-safe solution.

Wash with Warm Water

Thrifting is also a popular option when you are trying to look for inexpensive clothes. Especially with the resurgence of vintage clothing, which can get expensive when you buy from fast fashion brands, you will want to look for authentic pieces even if you do not have the money.

And you will get those authentic pieces. Just make sure you wash them with warm water to get rid of any bacteria that may cause skin irritation and rashes.

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Whether you are looking for second-hand clothes, appliances, or random trinkets around the house, or you are just deep-cleaning the house and furniture pieces that have been with you for years, do it thoroughly.