Keep Burglars Out: Security Measures that Every Homeowner Must Know

Home SecurityDo you worry about your home security while you’re away? Not knowing what’s going on in your house ruins your day, be it at work, in school or worse, on your well-deserved holiday. Here are some tips that can help you secure your house and prevent burglars from breaking in:

  1. Make sure your door has a peephole viewer and a chain.

With the viewer, you can check who’s calling from the outside before letting that person in. The chain adds security to your home, as it makes the door harder to push.

  1. Secure your window with locks and bars.

For windows within reach from the ground, use locks that are visible from the outside. This will help discourage burglars. Keep the keys in a secure place. In addition to window locks, you may put security bars that are quick and easy to install.

  1. Install security window films.

Add security window films if bars don’t appeal to you. Even if burglars hit the window, the film will hold the glass in place, preventing the thieves from breaking in. In case of a natural calamity, Cleargard Australia says the security film will protect you from broken glass, too.

  1. Install strong fences around your yard.

Add a trellis on top of your fences to make them harder to climb. Keep ladders in a safe place, so burglars can’t use them to climb windows.

  1. Clear your front yard.

Plants may look nice, but they provide ample coverage for burglars. Trim or prune trees and bushes regularly to make your house visible on the road. Never leave empty boxes outside, as they will give the burglars the idea that you bought valuables recently.

  1. Install security lights.

Install your outdoor lights at a height that burglars can’t reach.

Why deprive yourself of some fun and relaxation? Take that holiday, but make sure your house is safe from thieves before you leave.