Lifehacks: Tooth Restoration made easy

woman with a restored teethA lifehack is anything that increases someone’s efficiency and their ability to make positive choices in their life. When it comes to dentistry, there are many modern developments that are designed to do just that. People in the industry are looking beyond simple mechanics and treatments that are ‘just enough’. They are seeing how the right dental treatment, like dental implants in Harley Street, can add value to someone’s life and open up their choices in a way that wouldn’t have been possible in the past.

Tooth restoration is a prime example of an area where modern dentistry excels. Filling gaps in the smile or replacing all the teeth used to mean dentures, or partial dentures, for most people. Now, dental implants in Harley Street are a real option for more people that ever before. A practice like Harley Street Dental Clinic is working towards making dental implants an accessible treatment for a whole spectrum of patients.

What’s changed?

It’s not really any one thing that has changed with dental implants in Harley Street. The process toward improving dental implants has been a steady climb with small developments in fitting, preparation, equipment and so on. These have all led to high success rates for treatments and more people being able to have them fitted. This has had the effect of increasing patient awareness of the option, more clinics expanding their offerings to include dental implants and the price coming down.

While dental implants are still not a budget treatment, they are so efficient and effective that people consider them to be a sound investment in the future of their smile. Also, there are several treatment options that involve less work and therefore the overall price might be lower in some cases. A good example might be being able to mount more than one tooth on a single implant to reduce the number of implants required. Another might be zygomatic implants that take advantage of thicker areas of jawbone thus avoiding the need for extensive bone grafts. These are all relatively recent developments that a patient might be able to discuss when they have dental implants in Harley Street.

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