Some Thoughts on the Different Types of Swimming Pools

Couple floating in swimming poolThe nights are shorter, the days are becoming longer, and the weather has warmed up. These are clear signs that summer is around the corner. The most memorable summer times revolve around swimming pools and water activities.

Swimming Pools make an excellent addition to any homestead. They add fun and enjoyment to any property, making your home a personal oasis for your family.

Before taking the plunge and hiring a pool contractor in Utah, Dolphin Pools & Spas suggests assessing the type that will work perfectly for your house and family.

Recreational Swimming Pool

This category mimics a water park theme, with the only difference being that it can fit fewer people and is small-scale. Elaborate curves, slides, boulders, and tunnels for all ages are what family pools are all about.

If you prefer a noisy, entertaining and a pool full of activities this pool gives it all. It is particularly suited for outgoing and energetic adults as well as children of all ages.

Architectural Swimming Pool

This type must have definite lines and a structure that echoes the look of your house. It also uses similar materials and colors to those of your house to create a cohesive look. It is a high-end, sophisticated and geometric pool, which an architect must design carefully.

Natural Swimming Pool

Also known as swimming ponds in Europe, this self-cleaning pool option combines water gardens and a swimming area. Just like any other private in-ground swimming pool, a natural pool could have a rustic finish, with waterfalls and boulders.

It could also incorporate a modern architecture which states elegance and sleekness.

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Just like any other home feature, your pool needs regular maintenance for a safety and cleanliness. Maintenance tasks mostly revolve around heating systems repair, debris removal and vacuum cleaning.