Taking the Plunge, No Matter Your Age: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Man swimming for his cardio exercise Swimming is a fun and engaging activity that comes with a multitude of physical and mental benefits. No wonder it is the sport of choice for most Australians: 2014 data from the National Sports Participation report from Roy Morgan Research shows that 1 in 10 adults take the plunge. In fact, adults who go swimming have been proven to be better off than their sedentary counterparts. Regardless of age, taking a dip can have significant mental and physical benefits.

Going for a swim doesn’t always have to come in the form of going on vacation and visiting the public pool, though. Companies like guardianindustries.com.au, a leading pool company in Western Australia, makes it possible for home-owners to turn their backyard into a swimming oasis and take advantage of the benefits the sport has to offer.

Anxiety and Stress Management

Swimming elicits a positive response. Taking a dip with friends and family leads to better mental health through social interaction. In fact, studies show that swimming relieves anxiety the same way practising yoga does. On that note, the repetition and silence of swimming can calm the nerves of participants, giving them a sense of accomplishment after finishing a lap or a difficult set.

Furthermore, long-term cardiovascular exercise leads to the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters that can enhance mood and social behaviour.

The Freedom of Buoyancy

Unlike other forms of exercise, swimming allows individuals with injuries, disabilities, or medical conditions to reap the benefits of aerobic and resistance training without placing too much stress on the joints and bones. Since swimming circumvents movement impairments, injured athletes can participate in the buoyant environment of the water sport more easily.

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Strength Training and Muscular Endurance

Swimming is a great non-impact sport because it supports a person’s weight, joints, spine and muscles. Like most aerobic activities, swimming leads to increased endurance, cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. As a full-body workout, the heart pumps blood harder to one’s heart and lungs, encouraging swimmers to breathe in a deeper, rhythmic fashion.

Take advantage of the physical and mental benefits of swimming today. By diving straight in, people can expect significant improvements in their overall health.