Washing the Dishes by Hand: Why You Should Stop Doing It?

Water from the sink going to the drianWhen it comes to washing the dishes, many believe that doing the task by hand feels cleaner and is earth-friendlier. This is despite the fact that many dishwashers today are more energy- and water efficient. Studies suggest that modern dishwashers today come with high-tech features that are designed to improve performance and clean dishes better.

Using Less Water

Whipple Service Champions and other plumbers in Salt Lake City note that hand washing the dishes is more wasteful, as you can use up to 27 gallons of water per load. An Energy Star appliance, on the other hand, can use as little as three gallons. It can let you save thousands of gallons of water per year. It’s also good to know that new standards require the appliance to use as much as five gallons per load.

Dishes Come Clean

With newer dishwashers, you also don’t have to rinse the dishes before loading them in. All you have to do scrape is off the food debris. This is because modern appliances can tackle bits of food, giving you an assurance that your dishes will come clean. They, furthermore, have heaters inside that efficiently warm up water better than your water heater.

No More Dirty Sponges

Another good reason to use the dishwasher is because kitchen sponges are a haven for bacteria. This is true even if you try to rinse or wash off excess food particles. Studies suggest that sponges could have more bacteria (including salmonella and E. coli) than your toilet. This makes dishwasher a far better choice for leaving your dishes clean.

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Saving More Time

With an efficient dishwasher, you will not only save energy and water, but also your time. The time spent for washing dishes could be spent in other productive tasks or even relaxing after a long day at work. A dishwasher can do the job while you do something else. You can rely on its setup of filters, pumps, and spray jets for maximum cleaning.

If you still don’t have a dishwasher or are thinking to upgrade your old one, it’s a good idea to call plumbing specialists. This is to ensure that the appliance is properly connected and avoid problems related to drain line or water supply connection.