What You Need to Know About Bamboo Sheets

Woman enjoying her bamboo sheetsBamboo sheets have recently grown in popularity because of their practicality and sustainability. Find out more about this extraordinary material and why it’s a good idea to switch to bamboo sheets.


Bamboo is highly sustainable and requires less water than any plant material used to make beddings. Bamboo plants do not need more water than what they receive when grown in their natural environment. They grow more than 3 feet a day, which makes them the fastest growing and maturing trees that can provide materials for lumber, furniture, and textile that is used to make beddings.


Bamboo plants are naturally resistant to common infestation like pests and fungi, according to Cozy Earth, which sells bamboo sheets for single to king size beds. Thus, they require no use of pesticides. And because these plants can ward off elements that are detrimental to their growth, they can grow more rapidly and mature faster without the use of fertilizers. These plants are easy to grow and are easy to maintain.

The Kun benefit

Bamboo Kun refers to the antimicrobial properties that these plants naturally possess. Most of the Kun is retained after the material is processed into fiber and significantly reduces bacterial growth normally found on other fabric types. It’s hypoallergenic, more absorbent than any other bedding material, and wicks moisture away, so it doesn’t leave your skin or your sheets damp and remain odor free.

Excellent comfort

Bamboo sheets are soft, breathable, durable, lightweight, and wrinkle resistant. They are smooth as silk and feel supple and not slippery. They are also made with resilient fiber, so your sheets stay good for a very long time. The lightweight material is easy to wash and dry. The breathable material also allows for better air circulation and regulates temperature much better. It truly is a fabric of all trades.

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So if you’re looking for better sheets that last long, provide excellent comfort, and are easy to maintain, switch to bamboo sheets. They come in different shades and designs, and in sets—sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and duvet covers. Treat yourself to a set and feel the difference.