Avant Garde on the Cheap: Interior Design Ideas for the Artful

Buying art prints onlineTo the artful and the fashionably keen, Ralph Lauren’s homes are holy grails of interior design. He achieved different looks in each of his property, from eclectic and eccentric, to elegant and luxurious. But even a single sofa from one of his abodes could cost as much as someone’s annual salary. To decorate like the stars is expensive and implausible at most.

Being wise, however, will enable an artful individual to substitute the lavish furnishings with cheap alternatives. The right picks won’t seem as cheap, and may look as unique pieces made by upholsterers up in a mountain somewhere. Avant-garde is possible, and on the cheap, too.

Here are some ideas to achieve a dernier cri interior:

Addition of Classic-Covered Books

Classical books have certain panache around them, and it must be among an atelier’s adornments. Furthermore, it should be those old books with monotone covers with gold fonts on the spine. With those books around, there arises an aura only present in hundred-year-old libraries.

Hanging Art Pieces

To those who can’t afford authentic Rembrandts or Picassos, Twfine.com suggests buying art prints online. Nothing says avant-garde than modern art, and they only belong to the walls. Hanging also evokes the feel that a person is among the pieces that make the soul.

Break the Rules

Art is uncommon, and to abide by the established measure is untactful. Break the rules, buy eccentric furnishings and let them reign over the tabletops. Some people just have a progressive taste, and as a result, what they like is unorthodox.

Paint and Photographs

A person’s ideas are his own, and letting it manifest physically can be art. A self-made canvas or photographs may not have considerable value outside, but it means something to its owner.

Making Pieces Pop with Lighting

Artisanal lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. Illuminating the area is as simple as moving lamps to shine over some accoutrements. It could even be installing a special light bulb that provides a focal point among the collection.

Art only became expensive. Van Gogh’s legendary paintings had no value, and they have been masterpieces from the start. No one wants the valuation of art critics, and no one needs it. Create something unique, and be proud of it.