Don’t Put on a Show, Get Blinds

Windows and BlindsIf movies were to be our guide, an open window in a high-rise luxury condominium is an open invitation to take a peek – possible with today’s binoculars. As many Hollywood flicks have shown, wanting to keep what you’re doing to yourself should warrant you close the curtains. Luckily, thanks to blinds you need not lose the air or the sunlight to get a little privacy.

Privacy is the very foundation of an abode. Those who can’t afford to get a place to call their own put their private lives on display for everyone to see.

Privacy Matters

Endless legal wrangling have transpired in many judicial courts in the U.S. because of privacy.

Where you to step on the lawn of a neighbour you could be charged with trespassing, an offence against the invasion of another person’s privacy. However, if you’ve brought some toys you found on that lawn with you, you’re in more trouble – especially if the homeowner’s a state prosecutor.

Celebrities are big on privacy.

As hackers have continually plagued their personal emails and files, their lives have never been the same. Jennifer Lawrence’s fate should come to mind, so is the arrest by the FBI of a hacker preying on Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis  and Christina Aguilera online – just for fun.

Getting Cosy

For your own privacy at home, you may choose to put up a wall of curtains over your windows.

However, getting roller blinds, especially roller blinds made to measure from, would be a great option to consider. While curtains are tops when it comes to preventing the sunlight from waking you up in the bedroom, it’s severely limited in giving you the privacy you need.

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Quite simply, you can’t get private if you put the curtains aside. With roller blinds made to measure a little adjustment on the rod and you get all the privacy you need without rolling it all up to the top.

What’s more, you get to choose your design and material, which should tell you these blinds are no ordinary blinds – a perfect fit for your abode.