Eco Speak: What Makes a House “Green”?

Man watering a plant in greenhouseGoing green has become a growing trend. Whether it’s in the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or the technology you use, green is in. Leading this eco-conscious trend is “green homes.” And it makes sense that the houses people live in should be environment-friendly, given that it’s the most used and the most common sources of carbon footprint.

But what exactly makes a green house green? If you’re thinking about constructing a green house, you should be able to tick these items off:


Even before you build the actual house, you should be eco-conscious already. Site planning means avoiding negative impact on local habitats. The chosen site should also make the most of local resources, such as solar access and wind energy. It’s also important that it’s near transportation systems or commercial establishments to avoid driving, which burns fossil fuels.


Green homes are energy-efficient homes. They use less energy in running appliances, water, heating and cooling systems. Proper insulation is important in achieving this feat. Equally crucial is the use of appliances that have an Energy Star rating. In most instances, Point Zero Energy noted that you may find renewable energy sources, like wind turbines, ground source heat pumps, and solar generator for homes. As you would soon find out, going green in your residence has a lot of money-saving benefits.

Indoor Air Quality

Prioritizing this indoor air means having good ventilation, excellent moisture control, and sufficient air exchanges at home. All of which makes for an energy-efficient, durable home. Start by making sure that you minimize pollutants indoors. The installation of your heating and cooling system is a big priority. It’s important to cover ductwork during construction, then install new filters before switching your unit. The next thing to do is to choose low or non-volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paints, sealants, and wallpapers.

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Going green when it comes to living arrangements isn’t just a trendy choice — it’s the most responsible way to live life. Go green for your next home. And you might discover a lot of benefits, while saving the planet.