Experimenting with Wine Cookery? Add a Unique Twist to Home Cooking

Chef Adding Wine on FoodDrinking fine wine usually happens on special occasions or social gatherings. Once that’s over, however, use the leftovers or holiday gift bottles you may have received not as dust collects for the wine cellar, why not use it as an ingredient in home cooking?

There's more to wine than just a satisfying, fermented beverage: it's a low-fat, high-flavour ingredient that can spruce up any recipe.

A Useful Ingredient in Marination

Wine is an acidic beverage, making it ideal for marinating and tenderising meat. As some wines also carry a hint of sweetness, adding it to a recipe is a good way to add flavour to meat for a more sumptuous feast.

Helps in Cooking and Simmering Food

Wine makes a great alternative to cooking oil when it comes to cooking and simmering food. After all, frying food doesn’t make for a nutritious meal. In contrast, preparing meals with wine enhances flavour and adds the right kind of moisture to the dish prepared. So, for the best results, add a dash of wine to the skillet before cooking.

Adds Flavour to Baked Goods

Try using wine instead of vegetable fat when baking. Wine or sherry helps lighten the cake and adds in complimentary flavours. The strong taste of port wine makes it perfect for baking fruitcakes, for instance, while the sweet fuzziness of sparkling wine makes it a great addition to butter cakes and pastries.

Complements the Food Preparation Process

There are various, subtle flavours in wine, so take advantage of such a range when preparing a dish. For light-coloured meat such as chicken or fish, white wine would work best to bring out its flavours. In contrast, red wine would go well with highly seasoned foods such as beef, pork and pasta. Depending on cooking preferences, however, tastes could vary. So, feel free to follow your taste buds and experiment!

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Adding wine to the list of ingredients to improve home cooking makes for a hearty, scrumptious meal. Those craving wine-infused food and desserts outdoors may want to consider dining at some of the popular café and winery restaurants in the Margaret River region.