Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Garage Door MaintenanceIt’s the biggest moving part of your house (unless you live in a mobile home). Many even use it twice or four times a day, depending how many vehicles you have in your household. Which part is this? That's right: the garage door.

Ensuring that they are working properly will help you save replacement costs. Here are some preventive maintenance tips to keep your garage doors looking and working super fine.

  • Prevent the squeaks

Many modern garage doors come with plastic components that require no oil. Some even come with self-lubricating features. For older garage doors, keep them running smoothly by oiling hinges and tracks at least once a year.

  • Check for wear and tear

If you use something regularly, it is bound to show some indications of wear and tear over time. For garage doors, do check the rubber seal found on the bottom. They can harden and chip away over time. If your garage doors are smashing on the floors too hard, they can also break if the rubbers get to hard.

  • Regular sensors test

Another preventive maintenance is to regularly test your garage door sensors. Make sure they are in the right working condition to prevent accidents. If they fail to work, children, pets, and even adults can get hurt if the sensors fail to detect that something or someone is in the way.

  • Clean your garage door

Regularly dusting the interior and exterior of your garage doors will keep them looking new. You can use a mild detergent mixed with water to clean the surfaces. If you have metal doors with enamel coating, you can use a car wax to keep away moisture and filth from damaging your doors.

  • Keep it dent-free

It’s not advisable to put a basketball hoop over the garage doors or anywhere near it as balls can cause dents and chipped paint, depending on the garage door material.

  • Repair loud doors

Loose components are often why your garage doors make those rattling noises. Check for loose parts to find the source of the problem and tighten any loose components such as bolts on rollers mounts and hinges.

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These preventive measures can help you make your garage doors last for years and keep them as sturdy as the day you first installed them.