How Trees Increase the Value of Your Property

A tree and small pond on someone's property Trees help to counter climate change, temper severe weather, regulate local temperatures, and improve air quality. They also dramatically improve appearances and towering mature trees on your property may help increase the value of your home. Here are a few reasons why trees can help increase your property’s value:

1. Increased aesthetic value.

Realtors and tree surgeons in Sevenoaks agree that trees can significantly enhance the aesthetic value of a home with that all-crucial curb appeal. Healthy mature trees provide the ultimate curb appeal by impressing prospective buyers from a distance.

2. Trees provide a people-friendly context to commercial properties.

Trees give commercial areas a setting that naturally attracts people. On average, commercial areas with healthy trees tend to attract more customers. Rental residential houses with trees also have significantly reduced tenant turnover.

3. Buyers love landscaping and the privacy it promises.

Well-landscaped yards with well-taken care of mature trees and bushes that offer privacy tend not only to sell more quickly but also fetch higher prices than properties with little or no landscaping. Well-placed trees can screen a home from nosy neighbours or a busy road. Mature trees also help to create an extension of the home and provide an extra, outdoor area where street noise is minimised.

4. Trees have an effect on a home’s energy efficiency.

Trees can offer shade during the hot months and protect a home from the winds during the cold months. Accordingly, homeowners can expect to make savings on their cooling and heating costs. These savings are a real selling point when talking to prospective buyers.

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5. Trees give properties a “rural” feeling.

Some buyers are looking for properties that feel like extensions to the countryside. Wooded homes offer such buyers a sense of an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A tree in your yard can indeed help you sell your property faster and at a better price. However, all trees aren’t equal. You need to plant the right trees as soon as you buy property and make sure they’ll grow to give your property that curb appeal you want.