Landscaping: Designing a Charming Garden in a Sloped Yard

Not everyone has the privilege to own a flaGarden Deckt lot. For most of us, landscapes are hilly and sloped, especially in many Australian suburbs. Nonetheless, a sloped backyard is not an excuse to ditch the idea of a garden.

Some of the finest landscaping experts argue that it’s possible to work around that uneven terrain of yours. Check out these design tricks they provided and apply them to your sloped backyard:

Build a Deck

If there’s no flat spot in the garden, make one. You only have to do one thing: build a deck in the space. This will provide a level space for an area where you can entertain guests, hold a barbie, or simply relax on a lazy afternoon as you take in the view. You can also add a small play or storage space underneath the deck for your kids or your garden equipment.

Now, if you find decks a little too much, just create zones with level areas for an outdoor grill or an alfresco dining setup.

Make Terraces

You can cut the sloping garden into different terraces, with each level having its own theme. If you want it simple, you can stick to the terraced structure without the themed levels. For gardens that slope upward, consider building a living mural.

For properties where the slopes are around the property’s borders, one good way to beautify the space is to create level flower beds. Stack them in terraces to cover the entire sloped area. Be sure to leave enough space between each bed to make pruning and weeding easier.

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Go Wild

Then again, you can simply leave the slope as it is and let your imagination run wild. Leave the slope untouched and build a flight of stairs that lead to a flat sprawl in the end. This can serve as your retreat whenever you feel tired. Build a retaining wall around the slope and grow low-maintenance plants. This hits two birds with one stone: you get to have a retreat and you reduce the maintenance work your garden needs.

What may seem like an obnoxious slope can be a true stunner with a few design tricks. Redesign your outdoor space with these techniques and you’ll surely wow everyone who sees your garden.